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Watch six minutes of Bloodborne gameplay

From Software makes it look easy.

Sony has released a six minute slice of gameplay footage from From Software's highly anticipated Dark Souls spiritual successor Bloodborne.

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With the health, stamina and ammo HUD in place, we're finally able to see the combat's unique Regain System at work, in which the player is able to replenish their health by attacking an enemy shortly after receiving damage. The amount you can regain is shown in yellow on your health meter, in case that wasn't clear.

More details about Bloodborne's unique brand of combat are starting to take shape. It looks like charge attacks are a thing now and combos appear to have a bigger role than they did in the Souls series, as you can stun a hulking ghoulish figure with your blunderbuss then get a special uber-powerful attack opportunity while they're recovering from the blast.

We also get to see a friendly NPC helping our hero in battle. Who is this stranger? Is it someone the player helped earlier, or just some uninfected monster hunter milling about? Who knows. The important thing is that he shares a similar disdain for werewolves.

Based on the gameplay footage Bloodborne looks a wee bit easier than the Souls games, but this is a.) the developer playing through it, and b.) an early section of the game. I suspect we'll all die a lot more than this person when it becomes our turn to roam the rain-slicked streets of Yharnam when Bloodborne comes exclusively to PS4 in early 2015.

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