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Watch: Seven things we learned playing No Man's Sky

Gek a load of this.

No Man's Sky is a fairly abstruse game. While it's not shy about introducing you to new gadgets, elements and alien civilisations, it's not exactly forthcoming with explanations as to what all these things are for. As a result, the opening hours of No Man's Sky feel like one long learning experience - punctuated liberally by sections of idle pottering around and no small amount of childish naming conventions.

We certainly feel like we've learned a lot playing No Man's Sky this week, so here are seven things we've learned while trying to reach the centre of the galaxy.

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With the universe in No Man's Sky being so incomprehensibly vast, doubtless you've made some discoveries and learned some vital lessons of your own. If you have any gameplay tips, gripes or amusing anecdotes to share, the comments await you below.

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