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Watch: Ian play Bedlam, a game based on a book. How novel.

Live at 5pm.

Because I am an old fart who likes retro games, today's live stream is of a little known indie offering called Bedlam which has just been released on PS4 and Xbox One (it's been on Steam for a while now in Early Access).

Bedlam, based on a novel by Christopher Brookmyre, is billed as a 'genre-jumping shooter' in which the player hops between different games. Each one is based on a real life classic - expect homages to things like Quake 2, Call of Duty and even something that looks like Pacman.

The whole game is played in first person, with a strong emphasis on story telling coming from the player character; a Scottish developer named Athena. The reception for the game hasn't been amazing, with complaints about the performance of the console versions appearing in most reviews, but the concept is intriguing enough for me to want to have a go.

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