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Watch: Hands-on with Titanfall 2's multiplayer

It's all about that grappling hook.

Ian and myself grabbed a few games of Titanfall 2's multiplayer yesterday and it was fun! As you might have suspected after seeing yesterday's trailer, it feels fairly familiar to its predecessor but with a handful of new toys to play around with. But they're good toys.

The titans themselves have a little more personality, with loadouts that feel and play very differently. We managed to demo a couple of them - Scorch and Ion - and both offer some clear advantages over the other. The real star of the show, however, is the pilot's grappling hook. I've no idea why you'd ever want to pick anything else in your loadout. It's delightful.

Join us below as we talk over our initial impressions, following three matches of Titanfall 2's new mode, Bounty Hunt.

As well as a new Titanfall 2 demo, EA also showcased a number of new trailers and announcements. You can catch up on those and more with our E3 schedule guide.

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