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Watch five of us play Gears of War: Judgment live from 8.30pm GMT

Laugh as we tackle the excellent new multiplayer modes.

Tonight we're assembling, for Gears of War: Judgment, the biggest Eurogamer crew yet for a live gameplay video stream. We've got reviewer Dan Whitehead, video man Ian Higton and almost the entire news team: Wesley Yin-Poole, Tom Phillips and me, Bertie.

We're shooting-off slightly later than normal at 8.30pm UK time. And we're playing for an entire hour! The video below will be the one to watch.

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Gears of War: Judgment stands out in that it's not made directly by Epic Games: it's made by Polish Bulletstorm studio People Can Fly. But far from being farmed out and forgotten, a fresh pair of eyes has actually tightened up and breathed fresh life into the series. It's "a bloody good shooter", according to Dan Whitehead - and a simple core like that can be hard to find.

Judgment is even better in multiplayer, where a new OverRun mode expertly captures the best elements of the Gears competitive game. COG soldiers defend as a Locust team tries to open Emergence Holes. If the COG team fails, and then fails again to fall back and protect a generator, it's all over: the insects win. But if the COG soldiers hold out, the orbital super-weapon Hammer of Dawn fires up and splats the Locust like the bugs they are. "OverRun is Gears multiplayer at its best," praised Whitehead.

Our motley crew will also be playing the wave-based Survival mode and presumably losing because of me.

Gears of War: Judgment is out this Friday in the UK. Not sure whether you want to buy it? Intrigued about whether Eurogamer can play games competently at all? Tune in tonight. It should be good.

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