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Watch: Far Cry Primal won't have multiplayer, but how about dinosaurs?

Ian has a bone to pick.

Our Ian's a bit of a fan of Far Cry. He's played all of the games in the series, and has even attempted to string them all together in some sort of cohesive narrative - the brave soul. Anyway, given his superior knowledge, Ian went off to get an early hands-on with Far Cry Primal last week. Though he enjoyed his time with the game, an interview with Ubisoft Toronto's creative director Max Beland left him somewhat disappointed, as Beland confirmed that there would be no multiplayer mode.

Ian explains exactly why that left him with a sinking feeling in the video below. He also teases something of a silver lining: dinosaurs may yet be destined for Primal. It's certainly not a confirmation, but see what you make of Beland's response to the question. That pause is quite something.

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