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Watch: Everything you need to know about Resident Evil 7

V-Jolt your memory.

I realise I've spent plenty of time on this site already writing about my thoughts on spending five hours with Resident Evil 7. But I was still seeing the same doubts creep up again and again from readers and commenters, that Resident Evil 7 didn't look Resident Evil enough, that it looked like it shared little with previous series entries aside from name alone. Though the game is out within the month, I thought I'd have one last go at explaining why exactly I think that 7 is worth your time, and why the Beginning/Twilight/Midnight Hour demo is - and isn't - representative of the final game.

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I do fully understand the concerns though. We all have vastly different opinions when it comes to the low and high points of the franchise, and previous series entries have been disappointments for me personally, which I guess is why I wasn't really expecting to find Resident Evil 7 such fun to play. I hope it's a pleasant surprise for lots of other old-school Resident Evil fans too.

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