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Watch a shark get stabbed in the face in Assassin's Creed 4

And learn how Far Cry 3's hunting has made it across.

You probably already knew that sticking sharp things in endangered species was going to be a thing in Assassin's Creed 4 (though you can forgive Kenway a little, as back in his day they weren't quite so rare) so now here's a chance to see something a little more deserving of a forceful prod. Sharks, the gits of the sea, can be stabbed up and chopped to bits just so our charming pirate can make a nice new purse.

Yes, the crafting system that made Far Cry 3 such a cruel delight has been ported over for the latest Assassin's Creed, and it at least makes a little more sense here. Kenway's a bit of a git himself, see, so it's not so alarming to see him chopping some wildlife into small little pieces in the name of fashion and a slightly bigger ammo pouch.

Oh, and you can see all that in the video below, which Ian Higton cobbled together after visiting some of the many studios that are making Assassin's Creed 4. Have a gander below!

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This article was based on a press trip to Ubisoft's studios in Singapore and Montreal. Ubisoft paid for travel and accommodation.

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