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Watch 23 minutes of Monster Hunter World gameplay in HD

Dino crisis.

The first lengthy high quality video of Monster Hunter World gameplay has surfaced offering 23 minutes of drool-inducing anticipation.

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As previously discussed, this next Monster Hunter is coming to consoles and it's using the PS4 and Xbox One's hefty horsepower to host colossal stages that are seamlessly explorable, as opposed to the series' earlier entries comprised of interconnected arenas.

Given the larger scale, finding your target could be intimidating, so Capcom has streamlined the process from aimless wandering to now examining clues to summon glowing insects called Scout Flies that lead you to your objective.

One interesting thing Monster Hunter World brings to the table is a more dynamic ecosystem. While in previous Monster Hunter titles you'd occasionally see larger predators fight each other, here the creatures' interactions are far more fluid. For example, the colossal iguana-like Great Jagrass will swallow some fairly large herbivores whole, causing the beastly lizard to nearly double in size. Follow it back to its lair and it will regurgitate its oversized meal to feed its offspring (yuck!).

Unlike previous Monster Hunter games, World lets you change your weapons and armour mid-mission, so long as you return to your camp. It looks like you can fast-travel there with a pterodactyl-like creature operating as your personal chauffeur.

Another cool new feature includes a radial menu for traps and items, which is there in addition to the classic scrolling inventory list in the bottom right corner.

Monster Hunter World is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in early 2018 with a PC release to follow.

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