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Watch 20 minutes of gameplay from The Behemoth's upcoming title

In which a blueberry farmer kicks a lot of ass.

Eclectic indie developer The Behemoth has released a mammoth video showing off the first 20 minutes of gameplay from its current project, still labouring under the imaginative working title of "Game 4".

The game is a turn-based tactical RPG in which you'll control a blueberry farmer called Horatio as he recruits a party of heroes and fights lots of bad guys. It marks yet another change of direction for the studio following the frantic run and gun action of Alien Hominid , the side-scrolling brawls of Castle Crashers and the brilliant platforming of Battleblock Theater.

The Xbox One and PC exclusive will feature a story mode, playable in co-op with two players, and a 2v2 arena mode.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe first 20 minutes of Pit People (Formerly known as Game 4)