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The Behemoth's Pit People is coming to Early Access next month

Available on both Steam and Xbox One for 25 per cent off.

Pit People, the turn-based strategy game from BattleBlock Theater and Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth, is coming to Xbox One Game Preview and Steam Early Access on 13th January.

This won't be an Early Access release in the typical sense as The Behemoth has already released two betas for Pit People, so it seems pretty confident about the current build. Still, it would like to add in more content and get feedback before launching an official 1.0 release.

"We feel that Pit People is at a point where we'll confidently say there's more than enough fun, content, variety, value and play-time to keep someone happy," the developer said. "We won't sell something unless it meets these standards, so it definitely seems like it is time! This will also be a good opportunity to monitor the balance in the game and continue getting feedback from the gaming community as we finish up!"

The Early Access version of Pit People will include a "sizeable chunk" of the story campaign, access to multiple world maps, quests, Unfair Challenges against the AI, and the up to four-player PvP Versus mode.

The main campaign will be available in both single-player and two-player co-op, with options for online and local play. Unfortunately Pit People will not support cross-play between Steam and Xbox One.

Early adopters will get a 25 per cent discount on the full game as the Early Access version will go for $15 (about £12) and include free updates, while the final release will cost $20 (about £16).

Eurogamer's resident strategy king Chris Bratt checked out Pit People at GDC back in March where he said it "looks equal parts strategic and totally bonkers."

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Pit People

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