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Warframe's Heart of Deimos update is out today, adds hellish new open-world area

Switch version due later this week.

Warframe's ceaseless expansion continues apace, this time with the arrival of a new - and decidedly hellish - open-world area as part of the game's Heart of Deimos update, which launches today on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Heart of Deimos' new quest line unfolds within the "grotesquely beautiful" Cambion Drift - Warframe's third open-world area, following on from the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis - which can be accessed by first completing Mars Junction on the in-game Star Chart.

Once the path is open, players can take on the task of stemming the spreading Infestation that threatens to engulf the new open-world - a goal that requires them to work with Mother and her "loyal (if a little damaged)" servants Loid and Otak.

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There are new abilities to find along the way (accessible through your Orbiter's Helminth), as well as new bounties to complete, resources to collect, and wildlife to conserve wildlife - all at the behest of the Entrati, described as ancient Orokin integrated into the spreading Infestation.

And to aid traversal across the somewhat unsettling terrain of the Cambion Drift, Warframe introduces powerful, customisable Necramechs, as well as Infested K-Drives - also know as Velocipods - that have been imbued with the power to shoot.

Elsewhere, the Heart of Deimos update adds the new community designed Warframe, Xaku, tameable Infested companions, and an overhauled starting experience for new players, which features a new opening cinematic and starting area. Existing players deep into their adventure can check out the New Player Experience by visiting the Codex and selecting The Awakening.

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You can get a considerably more thorough breakdown of the many and varied features added as part of Warframe's Heart of Deimos update in developer Digital Extremes' latest blog post.

Heart of Deimos is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and it's due to launch on Switch later this week, once it's passed through Nintendo's certification process.

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