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Wakfu closed beta access on offer

We have your key to the Dofus sequel.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eurogamer MMO has teamed up with French MMO iconoclasts Ankama Games to offer 500 keys to the closed beta test of its next title, Wakfu.

Wakfu is the sequel to Ankama's hugely popular and long-running game Dofus - which we recently awarded 8/10 in a belated review. Like Dofus, it's a massively multiplayer tactical RPG that runs in Java with gorgeous, anime-influenced isometric graphics.

Wakfu is set a thousand years after Dofus in a land flooded by the tears of an ogre god. Its main innovation is the brave decision to completely rid the world of non-player characters, replacing them with a political system that will see appointed player-governors rule the world's islands.

Wakfu is being developed alongside an animated TV series, and is due out in the final months of 2008. Head over to the giveaway page to get your early access.

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