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Vote for your Top 5 of 2007

Now with less hated format!

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Yesterday we proposed what has come to be known as The Hated New Format for our Readers' Top 50 Games of 2007. It involved rating games using Eurogamers. This made you angry, but it also made you clinical, and some good points that we stupidly hadn't considered were made. As a result, we have reverted to the wonderful old format, where you type in your name, your top five games of the year, and a comment about your favourite one.

And since you didn't like the idea of having to click around the website so much, you can do it all from this very page. We hope to get this wrapped up by the end of the week, and as compensation for your suffering we will be refunding all the pages you clicked on in order to satisfy The Hated New Format. To receive your free pages, don't click on the website as much today.

For basic guidelines on what you should or shouldn't put, scroll down a bit. We're pretty easy.

What are your five best games of 2007?
  • Your list should reflect the games that you enjoyed most.
  • They needn't have been released during 2007, but you should have played them consistently or enjoyed them most during the last year.
  • Ports are fine. The point is that you played it during 2007.
  • Game names should be as close to what's on the box as possible. (Putting "halo3" confuses our machine. "Halo 3" makes it happy.)
  • Ideally you'll name a top five, but we'll understand if you haven't had the chance to play that many games or haven't fallen in love with that many. A top game is mandatory, but the others are optional.
  • On that note, please don't try and get one over on us by putting the same game five times. We'll be watching.
  • Please try to avoid using profanity in the description of your favourite game. (Unless it's really, really funny and you just want to make us laugh, obviously.)
  • Finally, don't worry if you're disagreeing with us. Actually, we probably don't need to point that out.
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