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Voltron game in development

THQ set to publish.

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Children of the 80s take note: a Voltron game is in development.

Publisher THQ has signed a deal with production company and rights-holder World Events Productions to make games based on the 1984 science fiction cartoon.

Those who were there back in the day will remember Voltron well: the show was about a giant robot that sliced and diced bad guys with a sword and had a lion head for an arm. As you do.

The first games are expected this autumn and designed to coincide with a new animated TV series, Voltron Force. It's a 2D/CGI animated series that'll launch in the US on Nicktoons. Expect to see it on "other key broadcasters" worldwide this year.

The games are said to build on the original cartoon, however. Platforms and gameplay details are yet to be revealed.

There are, of course, new action figures in the works, from Mattel. Toys based on classic Voltron are due this year. Toys based on new Voltron Force are due in 2012.

Now all we need are games based on The Mysterious Cities of Gold and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. Make it happen game industry!

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