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Vodafone 3G Vita offers free WipEout and 4GB memory

"You'll have our dependable network on your side."

Mobile phone mammoth Vodafone is offering a perky PlayStation Vita package.

For £279, you receive a 3G Vodafone Vita and a free 4GB memory card. And if you top-up the 3G SIM with £5, Vodafone will throw-in a copy of WipEout 2048 for free.

On its own, Sony's 4GB memory card costs £17.99. WipEout 2048 is currently going for just under 30 quid.

More dependable than Britain's fictional trains, Vodafone?

The deal goes live on 22nd February.

"Take your game to a whole new level - wherever you're going," Vodafone promoted. "The PlayStation Vita puts 3G gaming at your fingertips.

"Play with people from around the world while you're on the bus, in a café or anywhere there's a 3G signal.

"And when you buy the PlayStation Vita from Vodafone, you'll have our dependable network on your side - so you can play to win."

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