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Viscera Cleanup Detail imagines what happens after your typical horror shooter

Dead-end job space.

Pretty much every horror shooter these days ends with a space station smeared with blood and littered with organs. But what happens after that? Runestorm's Viscera Cleanup Detail envisions this scenario in excruciating detail as you don your best Breaking Bad gear to scrub away the stench of decay.

Originally Breaking Bad's third episode was 58 minutes of this.

Trudging about the gore-filled corridors, you'll have to mop up the blood and guts that your courageous fellow freedom fighter left behind. As the backstory explains, it was one man who single-handedly stopped an alien invasion and saved the world, or galaxy, or something. Good for humanity. Bad for the janitor.

Sorting out this mess isn't easy. Hilariously, when your mop soaks up enough blood it just starts smearing more of it around, lest you rinse it in a bucket. Of course, the wash bucket itself will become ever crimson, meaning you'll have to get a new one from time to time. Chances are you'll get bored of the labourious scrubbing process and just start flicking organs around, seeing from how far you can toss them into an incinerator. Sure, you're only making things worse by spreading the stains, but sometimes you've just gotta make your own fun.

A PC alpha demo is currently available at Runestorm's official site. There may not be much to it yet, but the developer explained that this prototype was built in a scant 10 days. If you like what you see and want it fleshed out further, vote for Viscera Cleanup Detail on Steam Greenlight.

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