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Virtual Console US update

Space Harrier II, two others.

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The American version of Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console receives its weekly thrust of new content today with the addition of another three games.

However this week's offerings, it has to be said, probably won't be setting anyone's world on fire. Unless Space Harrier II somehow transubstantiates into a giant flying death nightmare in your room and gets the hump with you.

Because it's one, at 800 Wii points, and is joined by former NES title "Tennis" (500 points) and another from Hudson's range of TurboGrafx-16 titles, Military Madness (800 points). Which may in fact also set people's worlds on fire. I don't really understand games made before 2004.

As for what's going on in the UK, let us refer you back to the published list of Christmas releases, which informs us that this Friday's local offerings will include all three of the above, along with Toe Jam & Earl (Megadrive) and Donkey Kong Jr. (NES).

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