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Video: Final Fantasy 15 flaunts realistic wildlife

As obsessed with creatures as Gran Turismo is cars.

You know how obsessive Gran Turismo is about cars? Well Final Fantasy 15 appears to be that obsessive about nature.

In a video that could wrinkle the crinkles on David Attenborough's cheeks, Square Enix introduces us to wildlife in the new role-playing game. It opens with what could be the most realistic frog in a video game yet.

We see a mix of fantasy and reality, of chocobo ostrich bird things and muscular giant panther behemoth things. Then there are lizards and a beautiful bald eagle - but don't let him hear you say that!

There are big dinosaurs with hippy haircut things, big fat buffalo things, little doggy bitey things... It's a menagerie.

We saw the behemoth teased in the 40-minute gameplay trailer from FF15 last week. But here we can see how it attacks and towers over nearly everything else. It's a much more concise and varied look at the wildlife we'll see in the Episode Duscae demo in March (the Duscae region of the game).

That demo should tide you over until Final Fantasy 15 proper comes out, and that could be a while. Game director Hajime Tabata said it was 60 per cent complete, which sounds like 2016 at the earliest.

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