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Video: Watch us play Forza Horizon 2 from 4pm BST

Nice to see you, Nice.

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I love Forza Horizon. One of my favourite racing games of the last generation - hell, one of my favourite games of the last generation - Playground Games' spin-off expanded Microsoft's slick but rather dry racing sim into a glorious driving, well, playground set in the majestic scenery of Colorado. Its only failing was some rather undercooked online multiplayer. Can Forza Horizon 2 fix that?

The sequel is arriving on Xbox One (and 360 too) next week and transposes the Horizon festival to the south of France and north of Italy. If you're a One owner, you may well have sampled its demo last week. I've been playing the full game for a review; watch out for that soon. For a sneak preview of what I think so far, I'll be joining our YouTube editor Ian to play and discuss the opening of the game in a stream on our YouTube channel this afternoon, starting at 4pm UK time. Check it out below!

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