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Video: Watch Dogs lets you spy on an NPC using their Kinect

You are the controller.

Remember all the hoo-hah last year about Kinect security? Potential Xbox One customers were, perhaps understandably, a little concerned about installing an HD camera in their homes that pointed directly at them whenever they sat on their sofa and that listened to everything they said.

Microsoft took the problem so seriously that it issued privacy guidelines to calm everyone down, while retailers took the problem so seriously that special Kinect-blocking privacy covers went on sale.

It looks like Ubisoft took note of the whole fiasco too, if this little Easter egg in Watch Dogs is anything to go by - it features an NPC who is being unwittingly recorded via his Kinect (or, "Kinekt") camera while playing games.

Fair warning - said gamer has a potty mouth, if swears offend you.

Our find is just the latest hidden joke in the game - for example, we're also now having to wonder whether Watch Dogs is set in the Assassin's Creed universe.

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Watch Dogs

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