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Video: Ten minutes of Dead Island 2 in violent, messy action

Yager bomb.

Oh Dead Island, how fitting you should stumble through two games before finding new life after being reanimated. As much as Techland's games were loved, there's no escaping the fact they were both a bit 6/10, so it was surely good news that Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager was taking over the reigns for the first sequel proper.

Quite a cracking job they've done too, by the looks of things, meshing the knockabout melee action that's at the heart of Dead Island with some polish that's previously never really been there. The German studio made the most of everyone being on their home turf to show off a generous slice of that action at Gamescom, and Ian Higton was there to capture it all and ask the really important questions about stuff like how the baseball bats work and what kinds of zombies can we expect to see.

Cover image for YouTube videoDead Island 2 - Eurogamer Interview/Preview