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Video: NES Remix 2 live stream

See Nintendo's quickfire sequel in action from 5pm BST.

The year of Luigi's over, right? I should probably take off these green dungarees, then, but I can't help but cling on to the memories of twelve sweet months spent in the presence of the beanpole plumber. Nintendo can't either, it seems, and he takes a star role in NES Remix 2 thanks to Super Luigi Bros., a reimagining of the NES original that places Mario's brother in the starring role and runs through the classic levels backwards.

All of which is very much in keeping with NES Remix 2, a quickly turned around sequel to the mini-game package that took us all by surprise late last year. By all accounts NES Remix 2 is very much more of the same, and you can have a look at it in action when Ian Higton runs through the game from 5pm BST. It's all happening right here!

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