NES Remix 2

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The year of Luigi's over, right? I should probably take off these green dungarees, then, but I can't help but cling on to the memories of twelve sweet months spent in the presence of the beanpole plumber. Nintendo can't either, it seems, and he takes a star role in NES Remix 2 thanks to Super Luigi Bros., a reimagining of the NES original that places Mario's brother in the starring role and runs through the classic levels backwards.

NES Remix needed "more machine power" than the 3DS, says director

"Wii U had the machine power we were looking for."

NES Remix - Nintendo's recent madcap rearranging of its classic games in an exciting new package - was quite the nostalgia-tinged offering on Wii U, but it led many Nintendo fans to wonder why such a seemingly simple affair wasn't also on the 3DS. According to series director Koichi Hayashida, it's because the handheld simply wasn't powerful enough.