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Video: Ian plays Mad Max live

Witness me!

Oh, what a day... what a lovely day! Mad Max is finally out, which is great news; our very own ginger Warboy Martin Robinson highly recommends it. Of course, it just so happens Metal Gear Solid 5 is also out today, meaning it's a safe bet a few of you will be missing out on all that Mad Max has to offer and playing with a tiny digital puppy instead.

So, if you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about, tune in at 5pm BST to witness me playing through the first two hours of Mad Max on the PS4 and find out if the game is mediocre or perfect in every way!

You can watch the stream in the handy video player below, or if you want to join in the live chat you can always head on over to our YouTube Gaming page and watch it there. Don't forget to click that star and follow us once you get there - we've got plenty more streams in the pipeline!

Cover image for YouTube videoMad Max - Live PS4 gameplay!