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Video: How Star Wars: Uprising connects Return of Jedi to Force Awakens

A new hope for Star Wars game spin-offs?

Star Wars games have a patchy history - some of them make great use of the rich universe they're set in and even enrich it further.

Others use it as a quick way to make a cheap buck off poor Star Wars fans who should probably know better (yes, that's everyone who bought Kinect Star Wars).

Star Wars: Uprising is a mobile free-to-play game and if you've already stopped reading by now you'll have missed its main hook - that it will connect some of the dots between Return of the Jedi and the upcoming Force Awakens.

How much of the intervening period will it reveal? You'll need to play for a while to find out - or watch the below explainer from Ian, who shows off some of the story's opening scenes.

Uprising itself is a Diablo-esque dungeon-crawler with a big focus on loot and customisation. After a bit of play, Ian reports it to be "a bit of a grind but still quite fun" with absolutely no requests for his hard-earned cash during the hours he's put in so far.

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