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Video: Farming Simulator 15 brings co-op farming to consoles

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Farming Simulator 15 cropped up this week for consoles, going against the grain with a new online co-op mode for Xbox One and PS4. We had more agriculture puns but the official multiplayer tagline asks "do you play well with udders", so frankly we're done here.

We examine the strategic farming sim in Show of the Week. Later, a co-op harvesting session becomes a kind of Mad Max death race with farming machinery.

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Speaking of things arriving on the new consoles at last, Payday 2 is reborn on Xbox One and PS4 next month as Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, packaged with a towering heap of DLC.

Among the content bundled with Crimewave Edition is the Hotline Miami DLC mission. Take a look at it in the video below, in which Mike and Andy wreak havoc in a motel to get the attention of a reclusive mob boss.

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Finally in this week's Outside Xbox sampler, we revisit the tutorial levels that were clever, creative or snarky enough to keep us from resenting them. Who didn't love romping around lovely safe Croft Manor in the early Tomb Raiders? Or toddling around Vault 101 as a baby in Fallout 3?

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