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Farming Simulator 15 for PC in October, consoles after

Time for a film starring Harvester Stallone?

Don't pretend you didn't like that pun. It's not a racing game we're talking about here - I couldn't use an obvious pun like Arnold Koenisgsegger, could I? But I could have used Christian Bale, or there's Tom Hanks, who was in that beloved childhood film Pig. Yvette Fielding? Is she still around?

It's that farming experience... at home!

Anyway, Farming Simulator 15 - the one with the new graphics - has been given a PC release date of 30th October.

There's a console release planned too, in early 2015, and that's on PS4 and Xbox One as well as PS3 and Xbox 360.

In addition to better looks, Farming Simulator 15 has... woodcutting. I suppose that makes Lumberjack Nicholson a possibility for the film. FS15 also has a new Nordic environment and literally tonnes of earth-mangling machinery to drive around it. Better yet, you can invite up to 15 friends in multiplayer to co-farm with.

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