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Victoria 3's first expansion adds ideological "agitators" including Victor Hugo and Karl Marx

And it's launching in May.

Paradox Interactive has announced Victoria 3's first paid expansion, a new "immersion pack" titled Voice of the People, which launches on 22nd May.

Voice of the People's main new feature is introduction of ideological "agitators" from across history, including Victor Hugo and Karl Marx. Agitators are a new kind of character in Victoria 3, capable of rallying pops to support political movements that align with their ideology.

"Agitators will shake up your internal politics, acting independently of their Interest Groups," Paradox explains in a blog post accompanying its DLC announcement. "Amplifying power from below, Agitators serve an opposite function to Interest Group Petitions which reflect the demands of the political elite. Depending on how your goals align with theirs, Agitators might be a painful thorn in your side or a valuable ally to your political agenda."

Voice of the People is Victoria 3's first paid expansion.Watch on YouTube

Paradox's blog post also offers few examples of historical figures joining Victoria 3 as agitators, including Victor Hugo, Giuseppe Mazzini, Francesc Pi i Margall, and Karl Marx.

The company says Victoria 3's "immersion pack" DLCs are intended to be "content-driven and art-heavy", introducing narrative-focused Events and Journal Entries, major visual updates, and "light but impactful" mechanical additions and systems reworks. Each will be themed around a specific country or region, with Voice of the People focusing on France and incorporating the likes of the Paris Commune and Dreyfus Affair. Oh, and there'll be a Pacific Bread Centaur too.

Voice of the People arrives alongside Victoria 3's free 1.3 update, bringing new Laws, changes to Law Enactment, and the Revolution Clock.

Victoria 3's Voice of the People DLC will cost £12.99 when it launches on 22nd May.

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