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Valve readies unlockable TF2 weapons

And an entire new game mode.

Valve has leaked details of its bulging content package for Team Fortress 2, which will be stuffed with unlockable weapons and a fresh game mode.

As reported by PC Gamer, you'll have to earn a certain amount of achievements within a class to get the weapons. You'll then be able to select them from a new Loadout menu.

The only example given so far is the new Overhealer for medics. This contraption permanently boosts your target's health at the expense of being rubbish at building Ubercharge.

And that trade-off is similar across the board; these are far from beefed up versions of the standard arsenal, rather tactical options with unique pros and cons.

Elsewhere the fancy new game mode involves escorting a mine cart through various segments of a map. Simply, the more of your team stand next to it the faster it will go. But when a single opponent stands in your path its progress grinds to a halt, so you will have to murder them to get it going again.

Naturally this brings with it all sorts of tactical considerations as you pass over different terrain. Engineers will have to rethink on the move and others will have to, er, do similar things with a bazooka or cosh or minigun or chloroform napkin or whatever you use.

These new bits and pieces are in the early stages of development and no date has been mentioned, although new Badlands and Goldrush maps are expected in just over a month.

Team Fortress 2 is fantastically fun, though, and you really should know that by now even if you haven't read our review.