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UT3 PC-to-PS3 mod patch soon

Next week, in fact.

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Epic Games hopes to release a patch that will allow PC users to package their Unreal Tournament III modifications and add-on levels for use on PlayStation 3 next week.

"We've been doing some internal testing and we're hoping to expand to a wider group tomorrow or Friday," Epic vice president Mark Rein wrote on the game's official forum. "If all goes well then we should see the update released next week which is what I expect will happen."

The PC version of UT3 comes with a fully functioning game editor based on Unreal Engine 3, and while the PS3 game does not include this, the aim is to ensure compatibility with content produced on the PC.

"Obviously the process works, as we put out a few mods before Christmas and people seem to be playing them, but it is the update to the editor that we're testing."

Meanwhile, UT3 modification website claims to have come up with a way for people to download PS3 mods for Unreal Tournament III from within their PS3 web-browser - something that until now had been thought impossible.

Official instructions for transferring mods to the PS3 involve a PC, a Memory Stick, holy water and a pentangle of salt.

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