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First UT3 PS3 user content

A map by a Brit.

Although the tools to let people prepare their own PS3-compatible mods and maps are waiting on "some paperwork from Sony", Epic's Mark Rein has announced the very first downloadable user-created content for Unreal Tournament III on PlayStation 3. You can find download links in his forum post.

"We're starting with a user-created map called DM-Shrine created by Thomas Browett, who goes by the name Setheran on the official UT3 forums. Thomas is a 23 year old graphic designer from Nottingham, England. He's been playing Unreal since the very first Unreal Tournament and he says he's enjoyed every game in the series. He made a few maps for the original Unreal Tournament but hadn't done anything since this one. He finds the third generation Unreal Editor to be very friendly and feature rich.

"DM-Shrine is is a great little map that's perfect those close-quarters, 2-6 player, matches that keep your adrenaline pumping from beginning to end. A lot of our DM maps in UT3 are designed for larger player counts so this provides a great contrast and a chance to play in a more intimate setting. I've always loved these types of maps and I hope you folks do as well!"

Making it go is pretty easy. Unzip the file to the root of a PS3-compatible memory card, preserving the directory structure; go to UT3's Community menu; click My Content; press square to Import Mod; follow the directions on-screen. "Once imported you'll be able to see the map in your list of Deathmatch maps," says Rein. "You'll be able to host the map and join servers that are hosting the map. All UT3 mods install this same way. If this were a mutator it would show up in the mutator list. If it were a gametype it would show up in gametype lists, etc."

"Epic didn't make this map. Thomas did and he already released it for PC users of UT3. We didn't do any editing or changes to it. All we did was bring it into the editor and "cook" it into the proper format for the PlayStation 3 and tested it to make sure it ran properly and was good fun. We're waiting on some paperwork from Sony that will allow us to release an editor update so mod creators can do this cook process for themselves. We expect to have that very soon."

Woo! Watch out for our take on Unreal Tournament III for the PS3 in the very near future.

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