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UT3 map competition for beginners

Cliff Bleszinski and money on offer.

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Level design hotspot 3D Buzz has decided to run its very own map-making competition for Unreal Tournament 3.

It aims to give beginners a shot at the big time by disallowing any custom content such as home-grown textures, models, and all that. The only bits you can use come as standard with the level editor.

Star prize is an impressive bounty of USD 1000, a PlayStation 3, plus an Epic-autographed copy of the game.

Better still, silky-haired Epic poster-child Cliff Bleszinski will do a video review of your level. As will the 3D Buzz team.

Runners-up get a PS3 and an autographed game.

The very first contest is to design a deathmatch arena, and you must keep a work-in-progress diary on the 3D Buzz forum.

This competition sits by the Epic-run Make Something Unreal event, which asks the community to make a mod for UT3 and then showers them in prizes.

The best bit from a neutral standpoint is that all the creations will be made available to download and play.

Head over to the Make Something Unreal website to get involved.

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