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UT3 gets US date

Euro announcement next week.

Midway has confirmed on its official website that the PC version of Unreal Tournament III will be out in the US on 19th November.

European confirmation is expected at UT3 event in the UK next week, where we will be able to play the game and chat to people from Epic.

However, judging from comments made by Midway recently that it would be out "very close" to the Australian date of 15th November, we can probably expect it on either the 16th or 23rd.

But unfortunately there is still no word on when the PS3 version will be on shop shelves, following Mark Rein's comments last week that it was "too early to know" whether it would be released this side of Christmas.

An Xbox 360 offering is still also planned, but will arrive later due to an exclusivity arrangement with Sony.