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UT3 on PC in November

But PS3 version still iffy.

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Midway has confirmed that Unreal Tournament III will be released on PC here in November.

And although it has no concrete date, it will apparently be very close to the freshly announced 15th November Australian release.

However, it will no longer launch alongside the PS3 version, which according to Australian distributor Red Ant (reported by GamePlayer) has been pushed into 2008 with the 360 offering.

But Midway was reluctant to confirm this and said there was every chance Epic would succeed in releasing it this side of Christmas. It is simply "done when it is done".

We had recently heard that all three versions had been pushed back to next year, although Epic Games boss Mark Rein clarified this by saying Midway felt obliged to warn its investors that the title could be delayed.

Mark Rein has also previously said that he will not jeopardise the loyal PC following by delaying content to launch alongside the console versions, which is why PC and PS3 cross-platform play will not be supported at launch.

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