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US VC gets slap-happy

Lots of fighting this week.

This week's US Virtual Console releases number three and mainly involve whacking old things expensively (and not just 15-to-life expensively - we're talking cold, hard gaminglucre).

Punch Out!! is first up, representing for the NES in the same way it did on Europe's Virtual Console a little while back. That's to say it's 500 Wii points and lets you battle through the World Video Boxing Association circuit as up-and-comer Little Mac.

Also fighting its way round the world is Virtua Fighter 2, for 800 points. A bit of a classic, obviously, with its fancy-pants 3D graphics, this is the Megadrive version that was technically impressive mainly in the sense that the 16-bit machine had no right to render it.

Finally there's Bonk's Revenge, which of course came out here on Friday for the same 600 points. It's a TurboGrafx-16 veteran, as you remember, and involves jumping around headbutting enemies in a platform setting.

For more exciting Virtual Console releases (or, indeed, some), join us again on Friday for Europe's next arrivals.

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