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Unfinished VR mode found in GTA Trilogy

A taste of San Andreas VR?

An unfinished VR mode has been spotted in GTA Trilogy.

Ben Turpin of Rockstar Intel tweeted a video showing the mode in action in San Andreas. It appears similar to the first person mode in GTA5, but is accessed using the command GTA.VR.1 in a debug menu, implying it's intended to be VR.

"There is a debug Unreal command for GTA VR but it looks a little bit unfinished," said Walker. "Maybe it would be cool if they implemented this as a first-person option? It plays pretty well. Gunfights and punching will need tweaking, would be super cool for screenshots!"

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The use of mods and a debug menu is needed to access the feature, as it's hidden away in the code of the game.

And of course it's unfinished. Perhaps it was a tested feature or was removed due to time constraints.

Or perhaps it's all in advance of San Andreas coming to Oculus Quest 2, as announced back in October.

VR may have been a fun feature to include, but in their current state the remasters are disappointing.

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