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UK's first 24/7 game channel announced

UPDATE: With added info.

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UPDATE: We've just spoken with Ginx TV CEO Michiel Bakker and have some new details.

Ginx will launch with at least four shows towards the end of November.

Will be on Virgin and Sky.

There is a chance that it'll broadcast in HD at launch.

"You have to understand that in a 24 hour channel there will be elements of repeat. We're not doing 24 hours fresh content one hour after the other. That would be too ambitious. So there's a healthy level of repeat in it."

GameFace will continue on Bravo.

"People love lists, so there will be shows with lists, countdowns, hottest new games."

"What we will not do is put on half hour interviews with the people who write the code behind the game because that doesn't work from a TV perspective."

"When Ginx captures in-game footage, we behave like camera men and directors. Instead of following a first-person shooter down the barrel, they will step away from the gameplay, turn around, use panning shots and zoom, and really apply a movie director mentality to capture the right in-game footage and make it look spectacular on a big screen."

"I'm going to focus primarily the channel on in-game footage using the review format."

"I wouldn't be a cool dad if I made a gaming channel just about light gamers. You cannot not make programmes for hardcore gamers. They're the bullseye demographic. Of course we're going to give them something."

"There will be a place where hardcore gamers feel really at home, and it might be post 10 o'clock at night, post 11 o'clock at night. Even the channel branding and feel of the channel will probably get a bit darker and edgier. As it moves into the morning it will become a bit more fluffy, a bit more Wii-like."

ORIGINAL STORY: The UK's first 24/7 TV channel entirely devoted to videogaming will launch this November.

It's called Ginx, and will be "fully distributed on cable and satellite TV".

"For us it's about light gamers," said CEO Michiel Bakker at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival this morning.

Ginx will initially focus on game reviews, but will expand to include shows that go deeper on other subjects.

For example, Ginx will include a show that highlights sports stars who like games, will send a tour bus to follow bands who like games, and will even look at army personnel who like games.

Bakker said Ginx will explore high definition and 3D in the future.

"The Ginx channel is going to be an evolution rather than an overnight revolution," Bakker said.

"Is it a good TV show to watch people play games? Does that make for good TV? If it does we'll do it. If it doesn't we won't."

Ginx already produces the UK's most popular videogame show GameFace, which launched in August 2009 on Bravo.

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