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UK retailer Box opens a ballot for its next Xbox Series X stock allocation

Enter your email address for a chance to buy in December.

Online tech retailer Box is asking wannabe buyers to enter a ballot for a chance to purchase the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S when stock becomes available later this month.

Box will be receiving additional allocations of both new Xbox consoles in the weeks commencing 7th and 14th December, with delivery set to be made before Christmas. Instead of the usual chaotic scramble to purchase one, though, those who are picked in the ballot will be sent an invite to buy a Series X or Series S.

Here's where you'll need to go if you want to put your name in the hat. Good luck if you do so!

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It's the first significant step we've seen from a retailer to try and make the purchase of a new console less of a nightmare. Many stores have tried to use queue systems, timed drops or drip-fed stock to deal with overwhelming demand - often unsuccessfully.

These measures haven't stopped sites buckling under the pressure, all the while online stores have been cleaned out by bots in a matter of minutes or incorrectly oversold their allocation due to errors - leading to multiple cancelled orders. At least it doesn't always go to plan for the scalpers, though.

Sure, Box's system is still a lottery and you'll need a good dose of luck to get picked. And, I guess, there's still very little that can stop scalpers from signing up with multiple email addresses to increase their chances. Nevertheless, at least it feels like the most sensible step we've seen so far to curb some of the issues many have experienced in their hunt for a new console.

It's unclear whether any other retailers will also be receiving more Xbox consoles on this date, but you can always follow our dedicated Xbox Series X/S stock page for all the latest updates. We'll also be shouting about any more next-gen consoles when they become available at Jelly Deals on Twitter.

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