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UK game trade-in price comparison site launches

Ex-GAME execs launch Trade In Detectives.

A new UK price comparison website has launched that could help you find the best place to trade in your games.

Trade In Detectives is the brainchild of two ex-GAME execs and the result of gamer frustration at having to shop around for the best trade-in deals.

Always go to the same high street store? You're probably not getting the most for your money, Trade In Detectives says.

"Trade in and Cash prices change on a daily basis and can be likened to the stock markets - so you are best shopping around and frequently reviewing the prices to get the best deals," a spokesperson explained.

"Most retailers will beat or match competitors trade in offers - but you need to do the research first yourself, and show them evidence... That's where we step in."

As an example, you can currently get anywhere from £9 to £17 for an Xbox 360 copy of Call of Duty 2: Black Ops - depending where you trade it in.

The site checks store credit and cash prices for high street and online retailers - handy if you use services like Amazon or Music Magpie. Bricks and mortar shops such as CEX and GAME are also covered.

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