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UK extends deadline for final decision on Microsoft's Activision Blizzard deal

Xbox may give up cloud gaming control.

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The UK's Competition and Markets Authority has extended its deadline for a final decision on Microsoft's Activision Blizzard takeover bid.

The regulator was expected to formally block the deal - as previously announced - on 18th July, but Microsoft has since submitted a "detailed and complex" proposal with changes in circumstances (thanks,

As such, the CMA will take another six weeks to consider the new submission, with this revised period ending 29th August.

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According to a new report from Bloomberg, Microsoft is considering selling off the cloud-based market rights for games in the UK to appease the country's regulator.

The CMA's decision to block the deal rested on cloud gaming, which it claimed risked "stifling competition in this growing market".

Bloomberg sources stated the rights could be sold to a telecommunications, gaming, or internet-based computing company, and a private equity company may also be interested.

Two days ago, the CMA said it would be open to a "new merger investigation" should the deal be restructured.

Microsoft's self-imposed deadline to complete the deal is 18th July. Failure to meet or extend this deadline could see it paying Activision Blizzard a $3bn fine - though this could be negotiated. The Xbox owner is therefore looking to complete the deal as soon as possible.

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