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UK Nintendo 3DS price cut roundup

Updated with today's deals.

The list below has and will be updated with today's 3DS prices.

Update 1: Game has revealed another trade-in deal. Trade a DSi XL in and you can buy the 3DS for £49.99, or with Zelda: Ocarina of Time for £59.99. Other Game trade-in prices have been altered below.

Original story: Game's (and therefore Gamestation's) new 3DS price will be £149.99 in store. Online that price is £139.99.

Game's spokesperson also highlighted a handful of new 3DS deals to Eurogamer.

In store, bundled with Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the price is £159.99. Trade in a DSi and that price falls to £89.99.

Online, bundled with Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the price is £154.99 with free delivery.

Game is also offering a Play Now Trade Later deal on the 3DS. Buy at £154.99 and Game will buy back your 3DS for a guaranteed £150 in trade-in credit until 25th August.

Meanwhile, HMV has gone for "added value rather than a pure priced-based offer", the shop told Eurogamer. HMV is offering a trade-in deal: 3DS console from £69.99 when you trade-in your old DS (DSi XL save £80, DSi save £50, DS Lite save £40).

At HMV the 3DS on its own will retail for £149.99 but you get a free game (choose from six: Ghost Recon, Rayman 3D, Asphalt 3D, Dinosaurs 3D, Rabbids 3D, Splinter Cell 3D).

The price drops tally with a nation-wide UK price cut for the 3DS tomorrow. The handheld launched here at a retailer-set RRP of £229.99.

Some shops have jumped the gun and already promoted their aggressively low new prices. Other shops staunchly refuse to reveal their new price until tomorrow.

Eurogamer contacted The Shops to correlate the prices for you. We will update this list over time. If you know of a price we don't, please either drop us a line or share it below.

Note that many shops offer a price-match guarantee. Check them before you buy - you may be in line for a bargain.

All lists are presented with the cheapest vendor first.


  • Tesco - £115
  • Morrisons - £120
  • Asda - £134
  • Sainsbury's - £140

Online only

  • Amazon - £115
  • ShopTo - £135
  • GameStop - £135
  • Gameplay - £135
  • Play - £140

High street (and online)

  • Toys R Us - £135
  • Currys - £140
  • Argos - £150
  • Game - £150 (£140 online)
  • HMV - £150 (includes free game) - (£140 online)