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Two versions of DS Transformers

Decepticon or Autobot.

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Vicarious Visions is creating two versions of the DS Transformers game, one for Autobot fans and one for Decepticon supporters.

All you have to do is pick your side when the game launches on 20th July, then go head-to-head with the opposing side using Wi-Fi multiplayer.

These "Allspark Wars" will be won by conquering the daily challenge missions and by dominating the global player leaderboards. You'll also be able to face off against three of your friends in local wireless Team Death Matches and AllSpark Sports showdowns.

There's also 20 story and 20 challenge missions to get stuck into on your own, where you can develop your custom Transformer's stats and abilities. The developer is also including customisable paint-jobs and over 30 unique vehicles to morph into.

Both versions of the game will include a host of open environments to explore, as well as unique and exclusive content. So, Autobots will be treated to Antarctic levels while Decepticons will be gifted with desert adventures.

Transformers will also be appearing on almost every other platform. Traveller's Tales is handling the console outings and Savage Entertainment is taking care of the PSP offering.

All games will be launched roughly around the same time as the new Transformers film, which is due out on 29th June.

Pop over to our recent Transformers preview to see how it's all shaping up.

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