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Transformers game confirmed

Film one described as 'the first'.

Hasbro has officially confirmed what Activision told its investors last week: Activision's got the rights to make a Transformers game to tie in with the live action movie due out on July 4th 2007.

However Hasbro's announcement sheds a bit more light. The publisher's entitled to make games on consoles, handheld and PC, says Hasbro, everywhere in the world except for Japan.

What's more, this is just the beginning. The film game, due out around the time of the film which Michael Bay is currently off ruining somewhere, is described as "the first". If Activision keeps up the standard shown by Atari's Melbourne House team on the last Transformers game for PS2, hopefully we'll see quite a few. A developer's yet to be announced.

Unfortunately, there's plenty of info around on the DreamWorks/Paramount film. Bay's working from a screenplay written by the people making Mission Impossible 3 (oh good), and others on the credit-sheet include the "minds" behind The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Doom. There are others, but those are the ones we're focusing on.