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Transformers: X360 in disguise?

Apparently one's in the film.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Obviously we're all a bit terrified about Michael Bay's new Transformers film, but if our old friend Internet Reports is to be believed then we will at least get to vomit as well as cry our eyes out when the film's released on July 4th 2007.

That's because The Movie Reporter, apparently in possession of one of the latest script revisions, states, "For reasons that I won't get into, we see an iPod, Xbox 360, and plasma screens sprout legs and transform just a bit."

That's a real shame. Then again, it could well be bollocks, or edited out - with the film not due out until next summer, and teasers only just going live, there's no guarantee that's what we'll actually see.

One thing we will definitely see though is Activision making games based on it - the publisher having picked up the rights and set to work on a game to be released alongside the film, platforms TBC.

For more on the film script (with intense spoilers, obviously), you can continue reading about it on The Movie Reporter and too.

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