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Activision gets Transformers

Film rights in disguise.

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Activision's confirmed an MCV report from last month that it's picked up the rights to the new Transformers movie, which sounds like it's going to be the most horrific assault on my childhood since somebody threw a stick between the spokes of my back wheel while I was cycling next to a river full of crocodiles aged 12.

The US publisher had previously pooh-poohed the suggestion that it was working on the game with one of those testy "can't comment on rumour or speculation" responses; speaking to investors last night after announcing its latest financials, it changed its tune and said it had in fact acquired the rights. A game's due out around the same time as the film - next summer. Platforms TBC.

Meanwhile the film, which has yet to receive a proper title, is being directed by Michael Bay and will therefore be awful, probably with interesting sounding but ultimately rubbish celebrity voice matches like, I dunno, Yeardley Smith as Starscream or something. It certainly won't have Scatman Crothers, Eric Idle, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Stack and Orson Welles so quite why they're bothering is anyone's guess.

Equally on the game front there's plenty to live up to - Atari Melbourne House's Transformers PS2 game of t'other year was difficult, but also incredibly gorgeous, cleverly put together and ultimately very entertaining despite a few niggling flaws. If Activision reckons it can top that level where you assault the inside of an aircraft carrier then it transforms and you have to fight it on the beach - crying every time it kicks you five hundred feet into the surf because the camera hates you - then good luck to 'em.

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