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Two-headed dog simulator Phogs delayed

Ruff patch.

Dual dog head puzzle game Phogs will no longer launch this month, publisher Coatsink has said.

Delays resulting from the coronavirus pandemic mean Phogs' release has been pushed back until "later this year".

"The team is working hard to minimise the delay to Phogs and our hooman friends will update on a release date as soon as they can," one of Phogs' heads said in a statement.

A co-op puzzle game where you control both ends of a sausage dog (but both ends are also heads), Phogs is eventually set to release on PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox (the latter via Xbox Game Pass).

If you've heard the Phogs name before, well, hopefully it's because we've been banging on about it for ages. Various demos have left us impressed with its colourful and clever platform puzzling, and it was one of our picks of EGX Rezzed 2018. Oh, and EGX that year. Oh, and PAX 2019 as well.

"It's a mix of the trippy Noby Noby Boy and the control scheme of weepy adventure Brothers - and you can play controlling each head with the corresponding side of one controller, or share control with another player across two game pads," I wrote.

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