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Twitch's Discovery Feed experiment has kicked off for a select number of users

Rise and find.

Image credit: Twitch

Twitch has launched its Discovery Feed experiment to a select number of users.

Earlier this year, Twitch announced its plans to introduce a new Stories and Discovery feature to the platform, with the idea that this would provide streamers with a further way to reach their followers when not live streaming.

As Ed reported at the time, the stories in this case would last for 24 hours and appear on the Twitch mobile app. It is a similar approach that other social media platforms have adopted.

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Twitch has now shared more on its Discoverability Feed, which it describes as "a scrollable feed in the Twitch app that shows users a personalised mix of Clips".

For the time being, this feature is only being made available to a select few, with Twitch stating it is using this opportunity to "test and improve our algorithms and the overall experience".

"These early experiments do not reflect the final design or experience of the Discovery Feed," Twitch said, before asking for more feedback and suggestions from its community ahead of a wider rollout.

If this is something you'd like to contribute to, you can find the place to share your thoughts with Twitch by following this link here.

Last month, our Ed travelled to TwitchCon to meet with the company. Here, he discussed the state of the platform after an often-difficult year, at least so far.

At the time, Twitch said it was in a crucial "trust building period" and working on new ways to support its users - both streamers and viewers.

More recently on the site, Ed highlighted the rise of AI-powered streams on Twitch, including one where you could chat with Jesus.

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