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Twitch streamers organise #ADayOffTwitch in protest of hate raids

"We are continuing the fight."

Content creators on Twitch are planning a one-day strike to force the streaming service to better support marginalised streamers who are doxed or attacked whilst working.

Using the hashtag #ADayOffTwitch, the protesters hope that by refusing to log on and create - or even spectate - Twitch streams on 1st September, it'll hit the company's purse and compel it to listen, and better support, the creators who suffer regularly from "hate raids" and organised attacks.

The idea for the boycott comes from Rek It Raven, LuciaEverBlack, and Shineypen (thanks, PC Gamer), and together, they're trying to convince other Twitch streamers and viewers to do the same.

"We've seen a lot of conversation about botting, hate raids, and other forms of harassment targeting marginalised creators," the company recently said in a thread on Twitter. "You're asking us to do better, and we know we need to do more to address these issues. That includes an open and ongoing dialogue about creator safety." It also admitted there was a "vulnerability in our proactive filters" and promised to "keep updating this to address emerging issues".

ICYMI, Twitch recently lowered the cost of Tier 1 subscriptions in the UK from £4.99 to £3.99 as part of a wider programme to introduce local pricing relative to the cost of living and exchange rates in every region. As Ishraq summarised at the time, under the existing pricing structure, UK subscribers were paying approximately $7 USD per sub, significantly higher than the $4.99 paid by Americans.

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