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Twin-stick clicker Vostok Inc coming to Switch

UPDATE: Out next week!

Update, 28/11/17: Nosebleed Interactive has finally announced a release date for Vostok Inc on Switch. The bizarre twin-stick clicker hybrid (of which Christian Donlan is a big fan) will arrive on Switch next week, Thursday December 7th. It'll cost £11.99 in the UK, and $14.99 USD / €14.99 in other, more distant lands.

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Original story, 21/9/17: Vostok Inc, a twin-stick clicker hybrid we thoroughly recommend, is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Andreas Firnigl, boss of developer Nosebleed, told me the news at EGX 2017 today.

"I really really wanted to do a Switch version because it's a perfect thing," he said. "One of the very early foundations of the game was to do this thing where you could sit and play five minute bursts and then put it down and the game is still playing.

"On Switch you can sit for five minutes on the bus playing it, or I can sit watching the TV and my daughter will come in and want to watch Netflix so I can take the Switch out and play actively, or put it down. It just feels like the perfect fit."

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There's no release date yet for the Switch version of Vostok, but Firnigl suggested it could arrive very soon. The Switch version will cost around £11.99, as do the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Vita versions.

Vostok Inc. game content will be the same on Switch although benefit from weeks of tweaks and tickles made to the other versions. There will be a new New Game+ option on Switch, too.

Christian Donlan reviewed Vostok Inc. "What a thing. What a treat," he wrote. "[Vostok] takes two game types that are so different you can't imagine them fitting together, and then melds them so elegantly that you suddenly can't imagine ever wanting to pull them apart again."

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